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Is a parallel in the history of English. We used to have contrasting with and and now we happily use We say go to the store not goes to the store even if addressing a single individual, we still use the plural verb form, she says. Don seem to be upset about that why can we do the same with Just let it expand to do this job.

Some notice the negativity, take it in and sometimes spit it back out. Figure skater Adam Rippon tweeted this week: “To all those who tweet at me saying that they ‘hope I fail’, I have failed many times in my life. Athletes competing in PyeongChang, has drawn plenty of attention at these Olympics for his comments about Vice President Pence and his willingness to speak his mind on matters both trivial and weighty.

He the prime minister of Canada. In Proud, Michael Healey funny, contrarian satire, we meet the implacable politician who once replied to the question you love this country? with the inspirational I think the country has unlimited potential. There no mistaking the identity of the central character in the play currently getting its Edmonton premiere from sparky theatre no.

“The level of human suffering was just unbelievable,” Kathleen Baldoni, a former Willacy nurse, told a congressional briefing in 2009, adding she was unable to provide the level of medical care ethically required of her. A 2010 human rights report noted the prison had only one physician on staff to treat 1,358 inmates. The following year, a PBS documentary explored more than a dozen allegations of sexual abuse by Willacy guards..

For the first time this award goes to a social club instead of a pub and those with a stereotypical view of such places may regard my choice with an element of cynicism. To many social clubs today are seen as an anachronism, a type of venue which belongs back in the sixties and seventies, closely connected to heavy industries that no longer exist. Over the course of my travels I have encountered a few such places whose heyday was long ago; clubs that have huge mothballed function suites, years having past since they hosted the last christening party or wake, leaving the few remaining members using only the wee bar at the front.

Mmmm, warm out the oven I can’t resist slicing off an end and slathering it with butter. A fresh loaf of homemade bread compliments most every meal. For dessert I just made a simple vanilla pudding using my son’s own goat milk (I will share more about this in a later blog) and my mom’s fresh eggs with their deep golden yolks.

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