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VIDEO: Gen. Was “losing the war in Afghanistan” and could only succeed there by earning the loyalty of the country’s Pashtun tribes which meant troops had to go native. Public support for the war cratering with a hasty military withdrawal to follow.

JAZZ JAMMIN’ IN NATICK Back before jazz education went academic, newbies cut their musical teeth at jazz jams. Listening to the greats in smoke filled jazz clubs and sitting in with experienced players was the path to jazz knowledge. Unfortunately, such jams have grown rare, but the tradition does live on at Java Jim’s Coffee Shop in Natick..

“I didn’t plan on either children or writing. Once I realized that writing satisfied me in some enormous way, I had to make adjustments. The writing was always marginal in terms of time when the children were small. The set is reversible and is machine tufted from 100 percent cotton. The ombre effect of this bath rug set fades from light to dark color. These reversible bath rugs reduce the need for frequent washing.

In order to compete with each other and to sell their products, many online retailers sell their wares at a low price. The reason for offering the rock bottom prices for their wares because of the lower operating overhead costs in the internet, which allows them to do so. But for you this means getting a great deal on your golf clubs..

Curses, hexes, and revenge all wrapped up in a haunted object. The stories behind why these items are cursed vary, but they usually are said to bring bad luck or to manifest unusual phenomena related to their presence. Following are 4 purportedly cursed objects.

Elshere tosses a white jig. The male bass lunges but misses. He casts a floppy rubber trout onto the nest, the plump female charges the lure but stops short. I’m planning a family reunion and there are just so many variables that it’s making my head spin. I need to find a place in the Caribbean that has reasonable airfares and reasonable rates for the specific types of lodging we need. But rather than going island by island, searching airfares and then lodging, I’d love to know if there’s a service or a site that can do some of the heavy lifting for me.

There is nothing inherently wrong in limiting heterogeneity in study participants. The problem comes when you try to apply or generalize the results you obtain from a homogeneous group to populations that weren’t included in the study at all. In the research that was conducted exclusively with men, therefore the problem wasn’t in that women weren’t included.

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