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The brigade extricated the guns, earning it praise from the 2nd Division’s commanding officer, Major General Monro. Allies halted the German advance in the First Battle of the Marne; the ensuing retreat, which prompted an Allied counter offensive, ended at the Aisne. After both battles had been fought, the battalion moved north to Ypres, during the so called “Race to the Sea”.

We just were really focused coming in especially after last night. Teams struggled for most of the first period generating scoring chances. BG was the first to start to get its offense going as Tyler Spezia rang a shot off the post midway through the period and then the Falcons got on the board at the 7:47 mark..

The Chicago Pride Parade was forced to end early after severe thunderstorms headed towards the parade route. Revelers were initially told to seek shelter, but officials eventually canceled the rest of the event. Friday, 52 year old Henry Daniel was passing an alley when someone pulled out a gun and fired.

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All patriotic Americans should read that hub.I contribute to Talkmarkets, and have contributed to Business Insider and Seeking Alpha and to Before Its News in the past.I write under my real name, Gary Anderson, at Business Insider and use Gary A at Seeking Alpha.I believe that we have an economic New World Order.Wells Fargo Bank holding taxpayers hostage is acting on behalf of Basel Accords and is a part of that new economic order.That New World Order through Basel 2 established a premeditated scam, the ponzi housing bubble. The international banking cabal is more powerful than individual governments.But I believe that the leadership of the Tea Party is a continuation of the John Birch Society, who, while correctly believing there is a new economic world order, is wrong about almost everything else. We all know that Wall Street and their Tea Party leaders (not the rank and file) want to blow an economic bubble instead of relying on sound business growth.

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