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“It’s my past but also the nation’s past,” he says. “We’d drive down the road with our parents and strain our necks to see what’s playing on the drive in. We’re gonna get a big ass screen on the side of the existing building and have Big Lebowski nights or Fellini Fridays.

When you call after from within a method that itself was called by after, you’re saying in effect “wait 100ms and do it again”, creating an infinite loop. If you put the call to after before moving the object, you’re saying “every 100ms run this function”. If you put it after you’re saying “run this function 100 ms after the last time it was run”.

It’s really that simple! I love this treat because it reminds me of the texture of a popsicle (but a very healthy one at that), or a fruit pop. This is a much healthier way to go than an overly sugary store bought popsicle or fruit pop! My favorite fruit to freeze are grapes, bananas, pineapple and blueberries. You could eat them alone or mix different kinds of fruit together.

I’m a fledging runner, a little over halfway through the C25K program. Now that the runs are getting more strenuous, I’m beginning to notice some nagging lower back pain after runs (also some annoying heartburn, but I think I can fix that on my own). I’ve been generally very lazy about stretching before runs (read: I don’t stretch before runs), but surely there must be a good targeted stretch I can do to help my back.

They have effectively grown up together and otherwise lived together their entire lives. One of them now has an inoperable tumor that, when it grows large enough, will necessitate euthanizing that animal. [more inside]. Getting the correct orientation of the average solar transit is best done on either the spring or fall equinox. Establish your center point of observation. You can roughly determine east, west, north south, by planting a vertical stake.

The HTC Mini+ pairs with the One and is a miniature smartphone in its own right. It lets you get calls and notifications, and even take calls while using your phone for something else. It also doubles as a remote control and has a built in laser pointer for presentations and such..

If you don’t already have one of these, they are well worth the investment. And they do a far better job than a regular pot, because without the spout, you’ll be hard pressed to safely pour scalding coffee without it spilling all over the place (anywhere but in your cup!) and you’ll need a metal soup ladle to get the liquid out. Without the holed lid, you will end up with more coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup..

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