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Hay un tercer tecladista llamado Roy Davies, en algunos tracks. Engimticamente, el disco est dedicado a su memoria. Parece que muri entre la grabacin y la publicacin del LP.. Left everything and ran’: Witnesses recount chaotic scene at California food festival shooting son had his whole life to live’: Father, witnesses describe scene at California […]

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If you have a tilted uterus, you are more likely than most to be misdiagnosed if you’ve had an early ultrasound. Doesn’t mean this isn’t a miscarriage but you need to proceed with caution. The new guidelines from the UK are terrific. Application process and deadlines PLEASE FOLLOW THE APPLICANT GUIDANCE DOCUMENT (Office document, 44kB) […]

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The garrison that held Stirling since 1297, surrendered in 1304. By then, Comyn and most of his other leaders had also given up and agreed terms with Edward. The only exceptions were Wallace and Soules who remained resolved to carry on the fight. Similarly, the countermeasures used to address those causes should be sufficiently sophisticated […]