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Certainly, the headquarters itself has to be responsible for much of the attraction. Indeed, it a mark of Pixar status that even cynical film hacks are moved to childish wonder at the prospect of a visit to the site (with one comparing it to winning Willy Wonka golden ticket). And for films fans, it like […]

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Building upon her career in private equity (as a Vice President of Berkshire Partners, and its predecessor, Thomas H. Lee Company), her focus is on mergers acquisitions and monetization strategies that enhance business expansion and realization of stakeholder financial objectives. From 1990 to 1998, Ms. The doctor there recorded the boy’s temperature and discovered it […]

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Greene); Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren); Homer Price (Robert McCloskey); The Outsiders and That Was Then, This is Now (S. E. Hinton) and oh, so many more.. Once your account becomes limited, I would suggest you refund all orders that have not yet been sent, because there is no guarantee that you will ever recover the […]

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The Bible teaches us to work six days and rest the seventh. Sunday was a working day for us, so we rested on Mondays. Looking back on these very exciting days with teenagers, we wonder how we managed to do so much. Starry Night Stories is a collection of seven stories and one story poem […]