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We found a bimodal distribution of saccades based on their amplitude, with a split between smaller and larger microsaccades at 0.4 of visual angle. The rate of larger saccades (0.4) was higher for objects than non objects, and higher for objects with high spatial frequency content (HSF and BB objects) than for LSF objects. No […]

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Il dispose aujourd’hui de 52 voix dans 24 langues, explique sa page. En franais, la voix fminine se prnomme Cline et la voix masculine Mathieu (et la voix canadienne Chantal !).Mme si la synthse vocale n’est qu’une des nombreuses composantes d’un service de concierge vocal (qui inclut notamment un moteur de speech to text et […]

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He has earned the opprobrium of preachers by snubbing a meeting with them, apparently because of their political links with another of his enemies, the Rev. James Meeks, a state senator with ambitions for the governorship. In a February 2008 article in Chicago magazine, reporter David Bernstein wrote, “Nearly everyone I spoke to agrees that […]

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Although she is not cut from the same cloth as her friend Pryce, it is difficult to feel sorry for her. Like many successful people, especially those who were not born into privilege, Constance Briscoe believes that because she did it, anyone else can, all they need is dedication and hard work. So somewhat surprisingly, […]

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People, especially young adults feel a need to be connected to their peers and networks at all times. This is made possible through amazing, small, portable devices called smartphones; they do basically everything with a couple clicks of your finger. The use of phones in this manner leads people to nickname the blackberry a Since […]

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Political plaudits are next for Fresno State’s national champion college baseball team. San Joaquin Valley lawmakers have already praised the team on the House floor in Washington and drafted a formal resolution honoring the Bulldogs. The commemorative resolution will be formally introduced when Congress returns after the Fourth of July recess. Now Bryant, who will […]