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“All the parents need to discuss their methods rewards, punishments, chores, allowances, bedtimes, homework and come to an agreement about the rules,” says Tina B. “The transition is much easier if the parents are in accord. If something happens you haven’t discussed, just defer to one parent, and work it out later.”. Baskets are also […]

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Traditional lace up closure. Plush tongue and collar padding for added comfort. Breathable textile linings. ” n n n nIn February, Volkman received four life sentences for his crimes. N n n nCurrently, two South Florida doctors are under indictment for first degree murder for the deaths of patients to whom they dispensed prescription drugs. […]

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A Country Influence. Now, both shows definitely have a connection to country music, and allow for some country to come through. In fact, last year it was Scottie McCreery, a cute little high schooler, who became America’s pop “idol” with his sweet country voice. Growing up and working on the farm with Dad I learned […]

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A land of idiots right wing whack jobs and ignorant know nothings who cannot formulate the basic reasoning skills to see that society functions and is built on the working classes, demand drives the economy, demand comes from wages, demand comes from a society that has the ability to buy things that then have to […]