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Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out! Summer is heating up, which means it’s time to chill out in the backyard by the pool, and what better way to sit pretty poolside than in a comfy lounger from Walmart’s DIY Done Collection? The perfect place to sip a refreshing drink while soaking up some rays, these relaxing styles […]

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The stimulus was at a distance of 380 mm from the patient’s eye so that a field of 20 degree radius in 61 segments was stimulated. The patient fixated on the centre of a large diagonal cross, centred at the central hexagon. Each recording session consisted of eight trials over approximately 15 minutes. Applaud me, […]

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Just look at anyone in Hollywood. We worship and idolize the dumbest, most selfish, laziest people and hold them up as pillars or strength and inspiration. They SHOULDN be. A well rounded product: Does not matter which category of investor class you belong to. Mr Gnanasekar’s offering has something for everyone, as his strategies span […]