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+1 for “database stuff exists, let just extend the UI.” Our team did this exact thing earlier this morning, actually. It just means the story with the common stuff is a bigger story. Most likely it will be more story points than subsequent stories, unless the testing effort is larger. You are urged to click […]

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Richard replies: I ‘aint touching this one with a ten foot pole ! Yes, as British subject, I will vote in the referendum promised by Tony Blair on the new EU consitution, due to be held next year sometime. But I want to see the final constitution and hear more arguments first. One thought I […]

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There haven’t been many more important off court requests than this. Apparently O’Neal understands that, because he was there holding the door open when Oakley arrived at the Great Western Forum on Tuesday. O’Neal should be willing to deliver the world’s largest singing telegram to Oakley’s front step if that’s what it takes.. Learn some […]

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About the survey The survey was created by CWT and conducted by Artemis Strategy Group between 29 January and 9 February, 2019. Responses were collected from more than 2,700 business travelers who traveled for business four or more times in the previous 12 months. Respondents were from the Americas (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the […]

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Later, after what she refers to as the “undercover op” is finished, Miriam feels confident she’s not only gotten more evidence but also has gained David’s trust. She thinks he can be reeled in by the chance to sell a substantial amount of merchandise. “I told him that my mom had a whole bunch of […]

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He admires combat, and boxing is a closer approximation of combat as a sport. Cliff is not part of the sport that is like combat, he is a warrior. He is a combat person. Call Helen Bolton, 1665 Baltimore Ave., for details. Oct. 26 at Wal Mart Plaza, 2421 Enterprise Road, Orange City. The Smartwool […]

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Heartbroken. He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving human being, Burnett said about Conway in a statement to CNN on Tuesday. Cherish the times we had together both on the screen and off. What was with Jack Hannah? He sounded almost maniacal. Hoping you will consider […]

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How hard, really, could it be? We’ve all seen Tiger Woods’ caddie, Steve Williams, on television hundreds of times. It looks simple enough. You carry the bag, clean the clubs and the ball, check the wind and help read a few putts. Opposing fascism isn’t bad, but using the wrong kinds of violence is bad. […]

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June 11: While the exchange of artillery and mortar fire is taking place in several places along the border, it has been especially fierce in the Siachen, Kargil, Batalik and Drass sectors in the past 24 hours. Incidentally, these sectors have been witnessing heavy firing for the first time since the 1999 Kargil conflict. An […]

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Women’s League Soccer: The soccer league once called the Women’s Major League Soccer has been renamed the Women’s League Soccer as it prepares for it inaugural 2011 season. Teams called Columbus, the Grand Rapids Alliance, and the Springfield (MO) Demize no longer appear in the six team Elite Division. The Cincinnati Saints and Fort Wayne […]