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This year has been a year of transition for me. I have decided to personally begin the transition to a semi retirement mode. I remain on the US Small Business Administrations Regulatory Fairness Board advocating for small businesses for Hawaii, Nevada and the nation. Government subsidies; our government actually subsidizes a portion, or all of […]

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Science Verses Status Quo Although Phineas Gage opened the physical verses mental debate in 1848, the science of diagnosing disorders from a CT scan is a long way from becoming the normal more of operation. Determining mental disorders through CT scans has the implications of ending unnecessary medication within the psychiatric community. While some will […]

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For 15 minutes the two animals mated. Then the female unexpectedly lunged forward, and with two arms, grabbed the male around his mantle, a structure octopuses use as a respiratory chamber to pass water through a funnel and across their gills. She dragged the male towards her. Many people prefer outdoor propane fireplaces to those […]

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Speakers generate distinguishable noises, or sounds, by converting fluctuations in electric current in the voice coil into fluctuations in magnetic field. That generated magnetic field, being in the presence of a larger magnetic field, creates mechanical fluctuations in the position of the voice coil. Since the voice coil is mechanically coupled to the cone, the […]

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The DHHS officials, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, said that they had decided to begin tying the grant awards to navigator groups’ performance. All groups would receive at least $10,000, they explained. Beyond that, the size of a group’s grant would hinge on the percentage of its target enrollee total that it met […]