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Of course I do. Just as much as I want drunk/high drivers to stop killing people, people to stop killing themselves with their diets and lifestyle choices, etc. Maybe instead of guns being the problem, it’s the mental health epidemic this country has with no funding or infrastructure in place to combat it. O’Connor ruled […]

Oakley Safety Rx Glasses

The durable design offers ample space for clothing, crafted with an easy to clean foam interior for reliable appeal. Color: Pink. Its rolling design helps you easily transport up to four loads at once while its sleek chrome style helps you look good doing it. Abel Baker is a Surfman with the United States Life […]

Oakley Sport Rx Glasses

Car seats sold separately. Recommended User Ages: Front/Rear Seat: Travel system compatible or child sitting upright to 40 lbs. And Jump Seat/Standing: 2.5 years or 40 lbs. He is also survived by his siblings: Don, Bonnie (Sawler), David, and John. Bob lived a life of adventure and service. Although born in Truro, Nova Scotia, he […]