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This will be tough work. Yet it’s well worth it and the energy expended on these diplomatic efforts would be a better investment than the money and weapons that go toward a residual troop presence of questionable utility. Nowhere near the coast) and has an operational range of only 1100 miles? Did you stop to […]

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Those who are working professionals find it hard to continue their job. These factors include lack of exercise, stress, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Heat stroke occurs when an individual is exposed to excessive high temperatures. The Here’s Some Stuff I Like PicThis particular Facebook profile pic is very general. People like certain items or […]

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Seems Barbra has been making it her home away from California while she is in town. She was there twice last week: once with Anthony Minghella, who directed the film “The English Patient,” and Miramax Films honcho Harvey Weinstein, his wife Eve and publicist Ken Sunshine; once with James Brolin, Marvin Hamlisch and old buddy […]

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It was harmless and fun. I think the trend in much of the good work across the board has been simplicity. Visual ideas and storytelling always works at Cannes.. The trial drew national media interest because of Stover work with celebrities and because Opdycke, his ex wife, is the daughter of a wealthy Eastside entrepreneur […]

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About Us”Bingo!” Rafael announces as he tools his black Dodge Dakota toward a wooden sign wired to a chainlink fence and scrawled in orange spray paint with “Se Venden Puercos.”Only a mile into Hialeah Gardens on a late February afternoon, his quest for fresh pork is nearly complete. The Cuban born truck driver might be […]

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Mike Berkson of Glenview, a 21 year old performer living with cerebral palsy, and his personal aide, Tim Wambach, bring their true life adventures to the stage in “Handicap This!” The program looks at breaking down barriers, living with disabilities and friendship. Friday, Sept. 10, and Saturday, Sept. The Komets are once again proud to […]