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Both the on call orthopaedic consultant and registrar remain on call for a 24 hour period. The surgeon in charge of the following days’ trauma list was informed of the ‘golden patient’ by the on call team. This handover was reciprocated by the anaesthetic team who left a completed anaesthetic chart in the trauma theatre […]

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100% UV protection. Case included. Made in the USA. Most People Suffer Emotionally and Never Know WhyA 50% divorce rate means that half the people who marry in our society don’t know how to deal with their own emotions and, most likely, they don’t know how to deal with another’s emotions. The other half, nobody […]

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Your cheap holiday in Sabah can also be spent with the well known highly skilled artisans of the land below the wind. The ethnic group known as the Kadazandusun is famous for their beadworks and intricate cloth weaving. Their fine workmanship is evident in their handicrafts and tourists from all over the world come to […]

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Can’t believe I’m here sweating like a pig and watching Micah Hoffpauir and Wellington Castillo while Soriano, Lee and Fukudome are in Surprise, wherever that is. The payoff: Sometimes you discover greatness early Mark Grace wearing No. 53 and that’s a rush.Bargaining: March 8 16. Public transit system at lgaairport, mp_meagher captioned an Instragram photo […]

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There is the local notion that if you haven’t played basketball in Madison Square Garden, you haven’t played basketball. Saturday was O’Neal’s first time playing there. But when he was a boy, O’Neal’s family lived in Newark, not 10 miles from New York City, and he often made the trip to the Garden to watch […]

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Sully. VCE vocal: 1 A. Kenna, 2 V. The temperature control is simply maintaining the supplied air at a predefined setpoint. If the system was properly designed and implemented it means that the supplied air will have a setpoint not much cooler than the target temp. Of the space. This same document is also useful […]