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Hair gets its colour from two types of melanin pigment eumelanin which dictates how dark the hair is, and pheomelanin which determines how red or yellow it is. As we age, the cells in hair follicles stop producing these pigments and the resulting hairs are colourless. Eventually, the overall effect of a combination of coloured […]

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I heard it.” LeMond says McIlvain felt Armstrong’s alleged admission tarnished his legendary story about coming back from cancer, a story that’s included repeated denials of performance enhancing drug use. “I know that she was incredibly disappointed,” said LeMond. “She had a kid that had some disabilities, and she was angry. Because a child’s characteristics […]

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In 1973, Segal actually jumped in front of Walter Cronkite, the legendary news anchor, with a sign that read “Gays Protest CBS Prejudice.”Later, Cronkite arranged for Segal to meet with top CBS management and discuss ways they could improve their gay coverage. One year later, Cronkite produced a whole segment on gay rights.Segal founded both […]

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AlcatrazLocated right off the San Francisco Bay, this famous prison held some of the most notorious criminals in history. Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud (the Birdman of Alcatraz), George “Machine Gun” Kelly, James “Whitey” Bulger, Bumpy Johnson, Rafael Cancel Miranda, and many more all served in Alcatraz. Al Capone seems to have a rather odd […]

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Employer sponsored retirement plans and IRAs are valuable tools successfully used by millions of Americans to help save for retirement. The Committee believes that it should be easier for Americans to use these accounts to save. The Committee also believes that it should be easier for employers to offer retirement plans to their employees. British […]

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In the industry, the Razrwire qualifies as runway fashion. CTIA, the cellular trade association, has featured fashion shows at its annual trade show in recent years, with lanky models wearing bowling ball sized helmets trotting down catwalks. To showcase its new line of hats, helmets and jackets with built in cellular microphones, Motorola Inc. You […]