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In bygone times, family members and religious organisations assumed the responsibility for looking after people believed to be suffering some form of insanity. However, since the late 18th century, a sequence of laws was passed that, incrementally, extended the powers of medical doctors in the management of the ‘mentally disordered’. This process culminated in the […]

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In 2011, the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) published guidelines for producers and users of evidence summarising a broad range of analytical techniques (eg, difference in differences, regression discontinuity, propensity score analysis) that can be employed to evaluate the impact of natural experiments.1 ,7 These approaches largely address the rationale, design elements and attention to […]

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Most employees commute to work and or have other “dead moment” periods during their day, when they can listen, if only for short periods at a time. Many business people travel for business when they can also find themselves with “dead moments”. These “dead moments” represent valuable opportunities for learning and improving English skills. Despite […]

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“Yesterday’s legal decision does not detract from the value of the IEN,” Otter said in a statement Tuesday. “I support the IEN and recognize the significance of this service for all of Idaho, especially our rural communities. I call upon all of the parties and stakeholders to commit to preserving this valuable service and unprecedented […]

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The Dunbar building was the outlier. Housing said in its statement: repairs required at the Dunbar site are unique to that building. Problems at the Dunbar Apartments were not caused by damage by any residents, said Susan Hancock, a spokeswoman for Coast Mental Health, the charity that operates the building. She returned to full time […]