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His vocals, by turns squalling and brooding, took their cue from the anguished emoting of down home blues singers like Elmore James, as well as more sophisticated ones like Bobby Bland. Foremost among Mr. Allman’s influences as a vocalist, though, was the Mississippi born blues and soul singer and guitarist known as Little Milton.. More […]

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This builder policy is to charge the full retail price for the upgraded equipment and offer no credit for the removed equipment. So we basically bought two water heaters and got one. As a side note, tankless heaters are worth their weight in gold.. Think picking the perfect LEGO collection for your creative kid is […]

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But the biggest problem for Hancock and for most other US insurance companies has been the American economy. Financial companies all suffer in a bad economy because they can’t sell products and the value of their assets invested in stocks, bonds, or loans comes under pressure. Insurers like Hancock continued to earn a profit, but […]

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A manager tends to want more work pulled into a sprint, and a scrum master tends to want an amount that can be realistically finished, regardless of external deadlines. Although a good manager can balance that conflict, it’s much easier when the job is split between two people. Managers usually are much better suited for […]