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Transplanted to southern Ontario from Newfoundland, the MacIsaac clan stayed close and 47 year old Michael was its heart and soul, quick with the jokes and always taking time for his nieces and nephews. Michael suffered from seizures, the result of a childhood brain injury, and that what drove him out his front door in […]

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The rule of thumb in the business of ticket selling is simple: Do whatever you can to put bums in seats. That begins with reasonable ticket pricing. A sellout of 30,000 plus at one third the average ticket price they settled on would have been the right formula, especially given the additional revenue streams that […]

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As well as: University hospital, Christ hospital, Good Samaritan hospital, Shriner’s hospital, Ronald Mcdonald house, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Arts Center, Taft Museum, Over the Rhine District (OTR), Freedom Center, Music Hall, Cincinnati Zoo, Duke Convention Center, Procter Gamble General Offices/WHBC/ITC, Fifth Third Bank, Newport Aquarium, Bengal’s Stadium, Red’s Stadium. Hardwood Floors, On site […]

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Meetings have never accomplished anything. Actions accomplish something. Noted Chris Childs is my fifth year in the league and I have never seen anything like this, especially from this team. Astronauts train in Russia before flying to the space station and the new directive was not expected to affect that.now, everything is normal in our […]

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A decade ago, a top federal scientist said, “Whether you like it or not, a complete sequencing of newborns is not far away.” Dr. Francis Collins, who made that statement, has been head of the National Institutes of Health for the intervening decade. But his prophecy hasn’t come to pass, for both scientific and practical […]

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Wishon; Michael L. Wishon; Chung Nga Wong; Damaris A. Wood; Meredith A. Featuring a smaller size, embedded anti fog and a wide peripheral range for optimal sighting, these competition goggles are sure to meet the demands of a serious swimmer. Customize It: Choose your colors. Choose your gaskets. Porter, Ashlea N. Pratt, Faith A. Price, […]

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“Our customers specifically say it’s hard for them to come down to Bloor Street because of the congestion and limited parking,” Remenyi said Monday. “So this is just one more thing that would add to the deterrence. Bike lane would stretch west to Shaw Street. Great for school and church crafts. Create your own fabulous […]