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The contractor will have intermittent lane closures during this report period between 9AM 2PM. This work may affect either direction of East Brainerd Road or side streets from Graysville Road to Hamlett Drive as the contractor installs road crossings and borings. The contractor may have short term lane closures to perform various operations on an […]

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Designed to complement Asian facial anatomy in both fit and. Comfort. Durable, lightweight, and stress resistant O Matter upper frame material paired with lower rims of aluminum. Race. Can’t we all just get along? I don’t remember where I heard that, but it’s very appropriate for the third and final conversational taboo. With the immigration […]

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Outdoor Chattanooga will host our annual holiday neighborhood bicycle ride during the Mainx24 celebration on Sat., Dec. At CreateHere, 55 E. Main St. If you use social networking sites, you could provide more useful information for the public, which will gain you more page views.The end goal of all of this traffic may vary depending […]

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Sudan’s military rulers are in talks with opposition leaders about what comes next. Protesters have been demonstrating in the streets for months now. They scored one victory when Sudan’s longtime strongman, Omar al Bashir, stepped down a couple weeks ago. The dog that pulls should be taught the Premack principle that “we walk ahead only […]

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Tyler Ramsey and Carl Broemel have spent lots of time in bands fronted by songwriting supernovas Ramsey alongside Ben Bridwell in Band of Horses, and Broemel with Jim James in My Morning Jacket. Now, they’re touring together, both promoting solo albums that showcase their skills as craftsmen of high quality, rootsy rock ‘n’ roll. Broemel’s […]