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Natural selection. Or unnatural selection. I couldn’t decide which, so I focused on the daily needs of survival.. She was also nominated for First Year Principal of the Year. Additionally, Ms. Cook served as an assistant principal in Fairfax County Public Schools and she began her career in Richmond Public Schools as a Kindergarten teacher […]

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In a sport like cross country where hard workers are especially abundant Oakley still manages to stand out. Cross country has a very different training regimen in comparison to soccer. Soccer is based more on honable skills; cross country requires a fine balance. How you know it’s alive is that people are continually excited, inspired […]

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She was pretty, with blondish brown hair; even younger than Thad, barely nineteen years old. Maybe not the ideal accomplice for something like this but she was an electronics specialist, and she had practically begged to be a part of the scheme.Thad shifted his eyes toward the center “seat” between them, and almost smiled at […]

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“The greatest show on earth.”A 1999 inductee into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Ballesteros won 91 times in his professional career, but is perhaps most known for his creative shot making ability. He hit shots from his knees, off of stone walls and during his first major title win at the 1979 British Open […]

Oakley Elite C Six

The sunglasses frame is oversized to accommodate the video monitor and focusing lens, but the design posed some unexpected problems. First of all, while it fit my average sized head, it didn’t fit well. The arms are straight, rather than hooking over the ears a bit like the latest Oakley sport sunglasses. Personally, I like […]