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Horace Grant, with the second most rebounds in last seasons playoffs, is not in Charles Oakleys shadow anymore. And Bill Cartwrights playoff success against Brad Daugherty and Patrick Ewing, when he effectively neutralized both, produced the confidence his teammates lacked in him much of last season. ”Until you win a championship, people are going to […]

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The time of this investigation, members of our community were terrorized by this subject and the threats that he made to our community, Oakley officials posted on Facebook. Of the threats, some members of the community have suffered significant psychological trauma, wondering if the subject would follow through on his statements. School attendance at all […]

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The class lecture and particularly the clip form the film “Super Size Me” fit perfectly with Bittman’s lecture. We truly are what we eat, and if what we are putting into our bodies is indecomposable or lacking of any nutritional value, we cannot expect to be healthy beings. The McDonalds fries from the film definitely […]