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But the brief set from Matt Suggs really stood out, showcasing his immediately catchy songs and inviting voice. He even broke out “Alexander Bends” and “She’s Got the Akshun,” a couple of gems from his overlooked ’90s band Butterglory. It really hit the spot. Oakley denounced as “nutjobs” and “conspiracy theorists” anyone who did not […]

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Perfect for all your sunny outings, you’ll love complementing your go to modern style with the Cat Eye Sunglasses from A New Day. Chic white sunglasses are given a fashion forward update from rose gold hardware at the bridge and rim, while gray and rosy pink lenses feature an ombre effect for extra style. Designed […]

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Having too much of this protein, called homocysteine, is a genetic condition that may be as big a risk factor for heart disease as high cholesterol. Homocysteine has been shown to promote the formation of blockages in the blood vessels that supply the heart. In many studies, folic acid has been shown to lower homocysteine […]

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The 33 year old athlete has overcome so much to get to this point (and we don’t just mean dating Tiger Woods, though that does seem to be a thing that women end up needing to overcome). Injuries, losses, more injuries, the distractions of all the other opportunities that have presented themselves to her over […]

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Concentrate on your breathing. Notice the fruit trees. Or the birds, the bees, and whatever amuses you.. It operates through three segments: Lenses and Optical Instruments, which includes corrective lenses, optical instruments intended for opticians and optometrists; Equipment, which includes machines and consumables used by plants and prescription laboratories, and Sunglasses Readers, which encompasses non […]

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This was most fascinating, Melvin. My husband and brother are chemical engineers so sometimes I hear odd comments about “but water IS a chemical.” My husband constantly tells me that he “creates a better life through chemistry.” I loved learning about the different substances here in this hub and how they have been used throughout […]