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5. Comparisons. Although the questions in public have almost completely stopped since my sister and I have grown older and more obviously fraternal than when we were younger, comparisons are one thing we cannot seem to shake. The Latitude also does well in terms of thermals. The question of throttling doesn’t really arise when doing […]

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Oz. Designer About Robert Piguet: Robert Piguet founded his haute couture house in 1933. It soon became famous for elegant and compelling creations, thanks. Donald Trump does not read well. Like most of the students I work with, he avoids reading both because he wants to avoid being embarrassed, and because reading costs him a […]

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Understanding the relationship between cost and service life of modern repair methods can help maintenance engineers make informed decisions that will maximize efficacy. A survey was sent to 90 maintenance engineers throughout the United States to determine the efficacy and cost of common repair methods. Unique repair procedures were also investigated based on the results […]

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Six family members, including both affected and unaffected individuals, were examined and DNA samples were obtained. Three subjects with clinical evidence of parkinsonism carried the L444P allele, while two asymptomatic subjects did not. Thus, in the paternal lineage, parkinsonism appeared to be associated with heterozygosity for a mutation in glucocerebrosidase.. WORK ETHIC By all accounts, […]

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Photo By Steve Gooch, The Oklahoman. Amelia Molitor is interviewed by Berry Tramel in the offices of The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City, Thursday July, 15 2016. Amelia is the OU student who was struck by Joe Mixon in 2014. Meals will be provided to all eligible children free of charge. To be eligible to receive […]