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The precise age of the Hampshire Grim’s Ditches is uncertain, but they were all constructed in the period from the Bronze to the Early Iron Age. On a large scale topographical map Grim’s Ditch appears as a spur running east from Bokerley Dyke into Hampshire. Another earthwork also named Grim’s Ditch can be found in […]

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BMJ Open will consider publishing without peer review protocols that have formal ethical approval and funding from a recognised, open access advocating research funding body (such as those listed by the JULIET project). Please provide proof that these criteria are met when uploading your protocol. Any protocols that do not meet both these criteria will […]

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Sposi, Crystal Marie Stafstrom, Matthew Jerome Stamp, Brian E. Stancavage, Suzanne M. Stanforth, Laura Elizabeth Stanhope, Kyle P. The birth of your baby has not only a physical cost to you and your body, but there’s a monetary cost as well. The cost for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery can range from $9,000 $10,000. The cost […]

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“What form that takes, I’ll see.”Coakley was joined by Gov. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, attorney general elect Maura Healey, local officials and labor leaders.Coakley cited two issues that she said are important to her and she believes to Baker making Massachusetts a leader on environmental issues and reducing the stigma around mental illness.If elected, Coakley would […]

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Certain vices did exist. Prostitution and gambling were rampant in several towns. Although illegal, they were not always enforced. OKIE PARTNERS The song selection process was a mix of suggestions by McEntire, input from her duet partners and, in some cases, songs that were specifically written for the project. Brooks Dunn Ronnie Dunn, for example, […]