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For people of my generation, the mere mention of the name revives images of family nights when audiences across North America watched the stolid Matt Dillon reveal what real men were like. Honest, reliable and above all powerful, the marshal represented law in the old West. Enforcement of the law, we learned, was never further […]

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Coakley, the state’s attorney general, is in a tight race against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown. The Washington Examiner put together this list of her fundraisers and their clients: n Thomas Boggs, Patton Boggs: Bristol Myers Squibb n t Chuck Brain, Capitol Hill Strategies: Amgen, BIO, Merck, PhRMA n t Susan Brophy, Glover Park Group: […]

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The Economic Development Collaborative Ventura County (EDC?VC) has been selected to host a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and will begin operating on July 1, 2010. Since the closure of the SBDC at Ventura College in December of last year, the Los Angeles Regional SBDC Network has been working on recruiting a new center. The. […]