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We turned the large ballroom in an “open air” dining room, with an Italian buffet dinner. We covered the outside wall with star speckled dark blue cardboard, which we purchased from a party supplies store. Behind the cardboard we placed stings of white Christmas lights and poked holes in the paper so that the lights […]

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Henige, Chesaning. Wade P. Oakes to Jessica A. Variable temperature NMR spectroscopic studies of IrI(CO)(2)(xantphos) (1 I) and Ir(COEt)(CO)(2)(xantphos) (8) show two separate dynamic processes in which the phosphorus donors and the backbone methyl groups of the xantphos ligand are exchanged. The addition of parahydrogen (p H 2) to 1 I leads to the formation […]

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The Taylor 7048 digital bathroom scale features an antimicrobial substance which inhibits the growth of bacterial odor and mold on. The scale platform. This digital weight scale provides an attractive, generously sized platform with a built in handle, making it easy to pick up the scale and transport it to any location in your house. […]