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Today we are asking fellow Poles and our friends abroad to join the movement of people of solidarity. Your position gives you the right to speak out loud when others are being hurt. We do not have an army to defend ourselves, but we have words that can help those who are being harassed. Cloth […]

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North east of Oxford, Sydlings Copse near Barton is transformed on frosty days, as the earliest gorse flowers poke through their frosted leaves. This is an incredibly diverse nature reserve with areas of ancient woodland, grassland, reedbed, fen and rare Oxfordshire heathland. Watch for linnet flying between the gorse bushes, and long tailed tits flitting […]

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Milwaukee tools also seem to have a good reputation for durability, reliability, and overall build quality. There are similar drills from other brands as well, but that’s the sort of drill I’m looking at. (All these drills seem to be built in China also, but built well rather than cheaply.). “When my sister was being […]