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Her husband had the deep fried cod in beer batter with chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce. This could have been a shark for all we know, the thing was huge. The crunchy batter added an extra gold star to the fish, which was easy to cut without capitulating around your fork and full of […]

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A conversation with Reznikoff brims with odd and counterintuitive trivia. Do you know which American’s autograph is the most valuable? It’s not George Washington’s or Babe Ruth’s, it’s Button Gwinnett’s, which can sell for up to $1 million. He was the second person to sign the Declaration of Independence. Discrete scores for each timeseries pattern […]

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We’ll hear from him shortly but, first, a quick look at the Greens. They retained their prized lower house seat of Melbourne, but have lost a Senate position in South Australia, and perhaps another in Western Australia. Gains hoped for elsewhere failed to materialise.LEE RHIANNON, GREENS SENATOR: Look, it’s been some modest advances, but we […]

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Two economists, Cristobal Young of Stanford and Charles Varner of Princeton, recently examined the case of New Jersey, which raised its top tax rate in 2004. Anyone who was making more than $500,000 was subjected to an extra 2.6 percent in taxes. So what happened? Well, as you would expect, there was an increase in […]

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Mr. The American rifle is completely and inextricably intertwined with American culture, technology, business, war and society. That history begins with the Red Coats. (ISI), in 2008. Anteon acquired Techmatics, Inc. In 1998. Fearing a backlash, Godrej and Coca Cola two other brands that Aamir has endorsed in the past, distanced themselves from the star. […]

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The case was dismissed almost immediately, but Sarah Lawrence took the opportunity to toss me out once and for all. I never even finished my junior year. My attitude was, “Never mind. Sadly (for me, anyway), 1776 is not among the seven musicals you can find on Austin area stages this July. History with Bloody […]