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Callaghan, meanwhile, was suspended from the federation in March of 2018 “pending final resolution of the matter” by SafeSport. It has been more than 18 months since Maurizi filed his initial complaint and supporting documentation, which included accounts from several other people who either allegedly experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct by Callaghan. Center for SafeSport […]

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Pour autant, le portrait trac par l’OIF ne cache pas l’envergure du dfi auquel font face ceux qui oeuvrent pour que la langue franaise demeure officielle l o il l’est, qu’elle soit une langue seconde valorise ailleurs, et que le franais redevienne une langue d’usage dans les institutions internationales et en science. On ne s’en […]

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As an interesting related question, one could ask whether a massive particle moving through space can interact with itself gravitationally? That is, the mass of the particle distorts space time and therefore alters its trajectory. There is a similar question at the end of Jackson’s “Classical Electrodynamics” regarding accelerating charged particles interacting with their own […]

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Very thorough test of my ocular abilities. Yes, I needed new reading glasses. But no, he didn really think he would sell me any. In coaching a client recently, I noticed a phenomenon happening that I have termed “The Puzzle of Perfection”. By a puzzle, I envision the coming together of seemingly dissimilar pieces, in […]

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Read the Entire ArticleFashion and apparel industry has witnessed an exponential growth in the past few years. And this in turn has been highly beneficial for customers as the market is providing better quality and smart products at modest prices. Everything from sunglasses, cologne, watches, bags or any other fashion need, there are many world […]