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Corbin, Fatima Craft, Samantha L. Endicott, Pamela L. Foster, Cynthia N. During the early morning hours of June 11, 1992, police located Vickie’s locked car at the Eastbound I 24 rest area in Monteagle. A subsequent search of the area uncovered Vickie’s body in a wooded area only 1100 feet from where her car was […]

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Similarly, Coakley’s polarization can be seen in her favorable and unfavorable numbers. 51 percent of voters see her as favorable, while 40 percent see her as unfavorable. Just nine percent of people either can’t rate her or don’t recognize her name. Results based on the total sample are considered accurate within plus or minus three […]

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“. There are many reasons why you might not understand [an explanation of a scientific theory] . Finally, there is this possibility: after I tell you something, you just can’t believe it. Regarding young Thomas, who’d volunteered to fight at age 17, the Friends of Gettysburg website reports, “We found him on the 1860 (census) […]

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Well. Sure. But the problem is that Kimmel’s abundant gifts as a facilitator blunt whatever vigor he has as a polemicist or historian. Painfully short on wit, irony and sharp feeling, “Manhood in America” is a bland rehash of middle of the road history and opinion. Mais le bon docteur Barrette, pour revenir lui, n’a […]

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“My focus never shifted,” Westbrook said. “I mean, obviously I didn’t talk to you guys so you guys were kind of making up your own assumptions, but my focus never changed. For me, you know, taking my time, family is the most important thing to me, and that’s what I was focused on.. Do have […]