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‘Blog’ was the word of the year for 2004 according to Merriam Webster, the famous dictionary publisher. The year 2004 marked a turning point for blogs as a sought after media format. Now it was seen as a venue for gathering large audiences of devoted readers who used blogs to supplement, compliment and fact check […]

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Starting in the mid 1990s, Mr. Vance organized the Summer Bass Workshop, an annual week long event in Silver Spring or College Park that featured bass teachers from around the world. He also lectured and taught at clinics throughout the United States as well as in Ireland, England, Finland, Sweden, Canada and Australia.. Given the […]

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This will be the trend this afternoon and evening as another area of low pressure moves through. The Storm Prediction Center has most of the area under a level 2 for severe weather, which means a scattered severe storm is not out of the question. The best chance to see these storms will be in […]

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Perhaps best of all, this chair features a great reclining mechanism that allows the backrest to be fully adjustable. Couple that with the built in footrest, and you have a lounger that you can spend all day in. Color: black/metal. Age Group: kids. Material: Castle Gray. Read more. I presume you mean you only need […]

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When you’re a grown up, dealing with other grown ups, crying won’t help you. Nobody will respect you if you’re always bursting into tears every time something goes wrong or you don’t get what you want. This is a little abstract for most kids, of course, so you have to explain it so she’ll understand. […]

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Barbara Oakley wrote an article on Pathological Altruism for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences five years ago. It describes in detail recent scientific advances in the understanding how we arrived at so many PREDICTABLY DISASTROUS social beliefs and public policies. It all assorts together, emanating from a wellspring of cognitive bias and […]

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I Don’t Know Exactly What is Wrong Chris CainChris Cain is not the most well known blues guy around, but he has a classic blues voice mixed with a contemporary guitar soloing style. It sounds like his guitar is smiling, and the melodic intervals he seamlessly and seemingly pulls from nowhere feel like a well […]

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Eid prayers were held in several mosques and open places. Special prayers were also offered for the freedom of Indian Occupied Kashmir as the government had called for celebrating Eid in a simple manner to express solidarity with Kashmiris. The main congregation was held at Markazi Eidgah. Dave was an avid hunter and caretaker of […]

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For example, my own Stuart relative, King James I/VI of England and Scotland, was not only a major patron of William Shakespeare and his company, but his own writings were used by Shakespeare as part of a foundational basis for some of his plays. For example, James book Daemonologie (Demonology) was used by Shakespeare heavily […]