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Christiana, which was second to last year’s county rival Buchanan by 15 points, moved into the top spot this year. Christiana had a winning score of 2,965, an improvement of 253 points over its 2012 total. Warren County’s Dibrell Elementary was second with a 2,868, and Rockvale came in third at 2,765.. Popularly known as […]

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“Except for Georgia and Brooke, most players who will see extended time came off the bench,” Beattie said. “They were role players. This year I’ve challenged them to define their roles and what they want out of this season. Analysts said its cable networks did well, and it didn’t lose subscribers the way some of […]

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Consideration of where you want to move as a retiree will be based on your own perception of what “good health care” entails. If you are already ‘taking charge’ of your own health using an ‘holistic’ overview including a high/all plant based diet, exercise, stress relief, adequate rest, harmonious relationships, pleasurable creative outlets, inner peace, […]

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So it’s time to move on, folks. I hope you’ll understand that I need to focus on my memoir about surviving domestic violence, Crazy Love, which comes out from St. Martin’s Press early next year. I became aware of my chest feeling really tight, and I again thought I was feeling that way due to […]

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The losses on paper look enormous but the Jaffas still have a quality roster, including Luke Remington and Braedyn Crowley, and their recruits appear promising. Messenger and Pendrigh will miss at least the first month, but it will not surprise to see Lambton push late for silverware. KEY: Leadership: Wheelhouse and the Griffiths brothers leave […]