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Lance Armstrong lost all the seven Tour de France titles. Longtime sponsors Nike, Oakley Sunglasses, Trek Bicycles and Anheuser Busch dropped him last week. Armstrong had to step down as chairman of Livestrong, the cancer awareness charity he founded 15 years ago after surviving testicular cancer. Keaka Kuaana, Napili; 3. Samuel Dunwell, Lanai. 104, girls: […]

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“Traditionally, the argument and the discourse has been between green and orange, between Irishness and Britishness. But Brexit changed that and added a new dimension, a critical dimension, which is European or not? Inside the European Union or not?” McDonald told BBC Radio on Wednesday morning. One of the most vexing challenges of Brexit is […]

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Have been having multiple and significant conversations along those lines. Where those conversations will lead to will remain privy between ourselves and Boeing, Sims said. Clearly we are one of two Boeing exclusive jet fleets in North America and we expect that to be reflected in the conversation we have with Boeing. One thing I […]

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R: Instruction has changed but not changed, a big driver around changing is the equipment, and the technique is slightly different because of the equipment. The component of teaching that hasn’t changed is theguest experience, giving people the time of their lives, and making peoples day. Years ago the skis were straight and skinnysoyou needed […]