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One of the key players involved in the latest phase of scam, whether wittingly or not, was New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Seizing on Rockefeller funded propaganda masquerading as “journalism” alleging that Exxon knew man made “global warming” was supposedly real, the state attorney general joined with other states’ chief prosecutors to launch the […]

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It draws on experience from a cluster randomised trial of peer led sex education.Why evaluate processes?Conventional RCTs evaluate the effects of interventions on prespecified health outcomes. The main question is, “Does it work?” Process evaluations within trials explore the implementation, receipt, and setting of an intervention and help in the interpretation of the outcome results. […]

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Accessory Type: . Compatible Mixer Brand: . Compatible Mixer Bowl Capacity: . General Practice Improvement Leaders Programme South EastGeneral Practice Improvement Leads Programme South WestPractices will not need to procure solutions themselves. Upon approval of their plan, funding will be allocated by NHS England regional teams to CCGs. Advice for CCGs is presented below to […]