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Next up was Kristen O’Connor who essentially dug her own grave by selecting Adele’s, “Turning Tables.” Unless someone is a truly gifted, seasoned performer they should avoid trying to tackle Adele, whose vocal abilities are something other worldly and can’t be taught. Kristen was far from proving she had any business taking on an Adele […]

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The young husband and wife team had an almost overnight transformation from relative obscurity to global fame. In the late 1970s, the Emanuels had just graduated and their newly launched label had been received well enough. Indeed, one of their clients was that icon of 1970s glamour Bianca Jagger, who was photographed in an Emanuel […]

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I thought our at bats early in the game were good. We couldn string them together or capitalize on any of them. And then once they scored the momentum changed a little bit.”. But zippy, the spank tunnel is the best part! But seriously, we’re a super meetup intensive group around here, and everyone is […]

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There a reason why Oakley is the 1 brand of eye protection worldwide for military, law enforcement, first responders and athletes. You can bet it NOT for the brand name. It for the over 300 patents and innovations that Oakley has created. Hes one of a kind. Kings high regard for Joe would be echoed […]