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There a reason why Oakley is the 1 brand of eye protection worldwide for military, law enforcement, first responders and athletes. You can bet it NOT for the brand name. It for the over 300 patents and innovations that Oakley has created. Hes one of a kind. Kings high regard for Joe would be echoed […]

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Now those soybeans do not meet the market’s crop quality guidelines, so farmers that sold soybeans through forward contracts are facing a penalty because they cannot deliver beans with the quality required, they said. Agricultural export product. Soybean exports in 2017. The design is what Patagonia refers to as a “Slim straight fit”. The pant […]

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Interestingly, LC8 dimers bound in tandem to the N terminal region of a spoke phosphoprotein, RS protein 3 (RSP3), that docks RSs to axonemes. LC8 enhanced the binding of RSP3 N terminal fragments to purified axonemes. Likewise, the N terminal fragments extracted from axonemes contained LC8 and putative spoke docking proteins. All told, I can […]

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Some of the minor characters of that series came and went, but Miss Kitty, Doc, and Marshall Dillion remained in the cast. Marshall Dillion always had his hands full as a crime fighter; he dealt with all manner of misfits, stumblebums, thieves, and killers. But America was nothing like the dangerous Dodge City depicted on […]