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Film historian LaraG. Fowlertweetedthis anecdote Saturday night with the hashtag Restaurants4Sarah,in reference to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leavea Virginia restaurant on Friday due to her support for what the owner called an “inhumane and unethical” administration. The Stork Club would have seated Sanders, Fowler wrote, butit wouldn’t have served […]

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Les plupart des mineurs ont demand passer quelques jours d’intimit avec leurs proches avant de se rendre disponibles pour les mdias. Le chef de l’tat chilien, Sebastian Piera, s’est tout de mme permis de leur rendre visite l’hpital hier pour les inviter au palais prsidentiel le 25 octobre. Il leur a galement propos un match […]

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It’s almost tautological. S/he who does not possess encyclopedic notability) is unlikely to be quoted in independent reliable sources. They who possess encyclopedic notability) are normally quoted by others in reliable sources, though there may be exceptions to it. I understand that fear leads to a contraction of moral strength and courage, but it was […]

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In the interwoven stories, black, white and Jewish, the musical chronicles a moment at which the dominant culture is losing its exclusive grip and the nation is loosening up, becoming truly polyglot. A culture immersing itself in new ways of thinking is emerging, too, symbolized by the presence of historical figures, from intellectual heavyweights such […]

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However, the person who leads that emergency government must command the confidence of the House. All Tory rebel MPs and, indeed, a substantial minority of Labour MPs would not give the Labour leader that confidence but would be open to other suggestions. The bottom line, though, is that for it to work Labour would have […]