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Coffee cup in hand, Ray went looking for his daughter. He had hope for her inquiring mind, which seemed more promising than her brother’s. At 16, Sam loved driving fast machines but seemed to have no interest in how they worked or what to do when they stopped working, and he avoided the natural world […]

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Microsoft argues that an international treaty between the United States and Ireland should prevail and is the only correct way to obtain the emails. Ireland agrees. The treaty is known as the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty. We love the Kings. Chris Webber has announced his arrival among the NBA’s elite, and Jason Williams is capable […]

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That’s exactly what Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey was privately worried about, although as a Republican he’d also publicly criticized Obamacare, at times calling it “ground zero” for problems with the law. Three amendments McCain offered to protect Arizona, including one to phase out Medicaid expansion over a decade instead of the seven years envisioned by […]