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When surfers got sick of neon and the trend faded, many companies that had jumped into surfwear went belly up. Even Ocean Pacific, the onetime king of the industry, filed for bankruptcy. The company was beset by management and legal woes at the same time consumers were switching from Day Glo styles to the dark, […]

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Those who watched him regularly say yes there were higher SOG rates during Granlund PK shifts. But their eyes say he was adept at limiting those to the perimeter. Granlund also shouldered very difficult zone starts (D zone starts of 58.6 in 2018 19, 61.8 the season previous). Shapiro and Atkins have one year left […]

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Massa Patricia A. Massari Michael Massaroli Philip W. Mastrandrea Jr. With a stylish bright white platform and silver accents, this digital scale also features a glass core for added durability and improved structure. The 11.8″ x 11.8 bright white platform is a perfect complement to the 3.21″ x 1.56″ display, which features white digits and […]

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I personally want to see a Shield, Sword, Cape, Belt, necklaces, twin rings, and spaulders. I think “requires attunement” should say “requires attunement unless currently attuned to three or more armor pieces of Dendallan” and maybe once all items are worn you lose the Curse of all items and gain 1 new one “curse: you […]