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The ideal situation would be is to live in this house and make renovations or, if it’s uninhabitable, the lot itself is a great investment. I believe the house itself may be on a historic register or in a historic neighborhood, so renovation grants are a possibility. The house was built in 1905 and the […]

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Daril Pacinella’s Junior Camp at Longhi’s Par 3 in Southwick CC has July 30 Aug. The nature of the game forces interdependency among the team members.Track and Field TeamsPlayers on track and field teams on the other hand (except in a few relay events) are not interdependent, they are independent. Shot putters have a skill […]

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And if you look at the data, what do you find? For starters, you find the book market in rather better shape than most people expected. The number of books is up The Bookseller’s Tom Tivnan estimates that there are 20 per cent more top tier titles than last year. And so are publishers’ profits: […]

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No reaction at all from the England manager. Uncharacteristic of him, too, I’ve seen him pumping the fist and slapping the high fives as England under 21 manager. So why? Does he maybe feel that as acting England coach, he’s got to act like a non Psycho? Shame, really. New members welcome. Sunday, Lakemont Park, […]

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From residential gardens are also problematic. We would encourage people to perhaps downgrade the power of their lights and point them down instead of upwards like the new streetlights that have been introduced over the years. Asked where the best spots were for stargazing across the South Downs, Mr Ford said: and Worthing are quite […]