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But LeBron is a better athlete, and he can do more than Michael on the basketball court. Michael is finisher, a great shooter, and it is what it is. Comments are especially interesting, when considering what Oakley told Hoopsworld in October 2011:. Sometimes the child is dealing with a difficult emotional situation and is biting […]

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The combat ready woman soldier has been a figure of controversy since the founding of the United States. Given the strong historical linkage between citizenship and the right and obligation to fight in wars, the female soldier has been a particularly contested figure in United States history. Both feminists and antifeminists in the years leading […]

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It draws on the more than human/animal geographies and multispecies studies scholarship and is grounded in a feminist posthumanist approach. Her research engages interdisciplinary methods to explore the experiences of coyotes and humans dwelling in multispecies communities, and opportunities for enhanced coexistence. Student in the Department of Philosophy under the supervision of Will Kymlicka. Snail […]

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Experience comfort and performance with the super lightweight Nike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses. The Flying Lens, ventilated nose bridge and rubber arm channels encourage airflow for enhanced ventilation that defeats fog. Gender: unisex. Consider now these verified details, and weigh them against the hyperventilating style reports we have been served of a monstrous president forcibly extricating […]

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Owens: Perhaps more than any other genre of theatre, the musical embodies a deep tension between art and commerce. It is a distinctly American art form created to appeal to the masses by drawing upon and simplifying the “high art” operatic tradition. Now, I cherish and appreciate classics like The Sound of Music, but I […]

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They may travel often and their time at home is often encroached upon by seemingly parasitic individuals who always seem to be having the crisis of the century. Still, amid myriad responsibilities and duties these fathers find time for the family. Our fathers can be excellent role models.. McIntee, A. Fitz; B: N. Kruger, L. […]

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POODLE That Beautiful Canine Bombshell When we think of human buxom beauties, history brings to mind names like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and even Dolly Parton, to name a few. When we think of our favorite beauties in the canine world, Golden Retriever, German Shepard and most predominantly the Poodle jump to the forefront of […]