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1 Box 152, Cove CityAshley and Devi Koonce, Rt. 1 Box 66A, Cove City CLAIMEDMark Alves, Box 466, VanceboroDonna Sue, Sherri Ann and Robert Lynn Demery, Rt. 5 Box 327, Tarboro CLAIMEDShelby Whitehurst, 2212 Robin Drive, Tarboro CLAIMEDKimberely and Charmain Martin, 301 E. There also pressure to reduce Idaho personal and corporate income tax rates, […]

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Warrnambool made one change, bringing in Damien McCorkell (unavailable) for Mitch Burgess (NAB League). Portland listed ruckman Tylar Watts, 19, will make his VFL debut for Werribee. He was one of seven changes for the Tigers, who face South Warrnambool. When Hubby was pushed into retirement four years ago, he just took a lump sum […]

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They intend to write letters to the Animal Services Commission to urge them to lift the ban on trapping.I’m afraid this is something like a traffic signal,” said resident Domenic Romeo. Your neighborhood doesn’t get one until a child is killed.”Although no attacks on people were reported this year, coyotes have attacked people in the […]

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Click on the teams’ name (except for the Jets Youth) and see their roster and player points rundown. The Jaffas had a poor 2016 after Pascoe came in at the 11th hour. Now with a new look side, headlined byGriffiths, Pascoe’s Jaffas should make a vast improvement. FEATURES:One size, wide headband ensures ample coverage and […]