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Following the success of Shire, Mr Stratford went on to found ProStrakan in 1995, another international specialty pharmaceutical company, where he was CEO, Executive Chairman and finally Non Executive Chairman until his retirement in 2007. He holds a BSc. In Chemistry from the University of London and was awarded an OBE for his contribution to […]

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The problem of mold and other household toxins is greatly exacerbated by the fact that many homes have inferior ventilation and poor air circulation. Houses built in the last few decades are especially prone to this type of situation, since they are usually extremely well insulated and sealed off which allows very little fresh air […]

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In another incident, the suit said Beardsley found the plaintiffs brother Michael Mazzarella driving with his mother and others, and the officer told him, a shame. I had hoped your brother was driving. Suit says Beardsley inspected the vehicle, looking for a reason to write a ticket, but eventually let the car leave.. Many of […]

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The multifaceted media amalgam known as modern day advertising has made it a prerequisite for the next generation of producers to be deft orchestrators of broadcast, internet and guerilla marketing. Here, some of the best of the new breed. Plucked him from his high rise, river view office and put him in one the size […]

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She prefers her status as a Global Citizen, as she is not “attached” to any place therefore is comfortable in all places. There are however a few geographic places she actually abhors, (but is reluctant to insult anyone who might live there).If there was such a thing as reincarnation, she knows she has been a […]

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M Lake Forest 20″ Wide Trolley Rolling Carry On Suitcase Black. Travelers Club Luggage began its legacy in 1986. Our goal is to create a wide variety of products with number one customer service and satisfaction, superior quality, innovative designs, and competitive price points that meet the demands of modern travelers. He has also edited […]