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Outcropped most noticeably in , in whom Eric found an accomplished and sympathetic songwriting partner and back up vocalist.” Clapton and Whitlock considered adding the Delaney Bonnie horn section to their new band, but this plan was abandoned. Whitlock later explained the ethos of Derek and the Dominos: “we didn’t want any horns, we didn’t […]

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“Those Were the Days” Dinner theatre presented by Northwoods Performing Arts. Dates and menus include: May 31 and June 1, Garlic Roast Chicken Dinner; June 7 8, Smoked Pork Dinner; June 14 15, Chicken and Pork Chow Mein. Tickets available at Seebers Drug Store in Newport, Wash. 2. Open. Phil Mickelson had the Bethpage faithful […]

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Tourist? Cricket. The man grins and offers a familiar word of communication, leading to big grins all around among buyers, sellers and onlookers. The word is “Tendulkar”.. Outsiders say adepts are bred like livestock, to produce children who fall within the House canon. Not so; or at least, no more so than any other marriage […]

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In 2001, a New York City based annual event was added, using entertainers to raise financial resources for the organization. As of 2009, Cracked Xmas was the group’s largest annual fundraiser. Hero Award. Then the rain turned into a cloudburst. Before they knew it, the two massive stolen cars were bogged down in the muck […]

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LORIS FAYE BICKHAM, 51, 2225 W. Holden Ave. No. Tickets for the entire week: 390, but you can buy tickets to individual talks, workshops or storytellings from 10/12. Venue: Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden, London. Starts 6pm. 8:07pm: Matt Carr:Interestingly, Jodie Harrison vote in Charlestown is only marginally dented from the 2014 byelection win […]