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Since the early 20th Century, many archeological finds of great importance have been systematically suppressed from mainstream education. In 1913 German scientist Hans Reck found at the Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, an anatomically complete modern human skeleton in strata over one million years old. In 1979, researchers at the Laetoli, Tanzania, site in East Africa found […]

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Neutral organic radicals have been pursued for conductive and magnetic solid state properties associated with their unpaired electron. Historically, synthetic challenges and design limitations restricted these materials into Mott insulating states as a result of a strong Coulomb repulsion preventing the mobility of electrons. As a result, electrons were localized to their parent radicals, and […]

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We come upon one marker titled “Wreck at the Fat Nancy,” which describes one of the worst train disasters in the state’s history. It occurred on the morning of July 12, 1888, when a 44 foot high, 147 foot long trestle collapsed beneath a passenger train, killing nine people. The trestle was called “Fat Nancy” […]