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Zack Henderson’s life has never been interesting. Kallinger. Set in a world where vampires are fact, warring and coexisting with humans throughout history, this Psychological Horror/Urban Fantasy novel follows the first person perspective of Zack Henderson as he suffers the dissolution of all he had believed and expected from his life. And it’s a red […]

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Along with his equally ambitious brother, Doug Ford Jr., a city council member, Mr. Ford was a vocal force in Toronto politics, speaking for a constituency of mostly white suburbanites who felt left behind by social change. He mocked what he saw as an elitist agenda that favored bicyclists, immigrants, recycling and other policies he […]

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Both candidates acknowledge that Baker turned around Harvard Pilgrim. When he became CEO in 1999, the company was struggling financially. The Massachusetts insurance commissioner would soon place it in receivership. 6th West Lothian Broxburn and Uphall) Scout Group: Is celebrating their 100th year in scouting next year. They are looking for previous members, anyone who […]