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Of course the city takes its name from the man, Sam Houston, but where did he take it from? The first part is thought to be a corruption of the given name Hugh, whilst the second syllable is derived from the Old English ‘tun’ which means settlement (town). An even more famous American, George Washington, […]

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For over 26 years, Tommy Hilfiger has brought the classic, cool, American lifestyle to consumers around the world. The relaxed, youthful attitude of tommy’s first designs has remained a distinctive hallmark throughout his subsequent collections. His designs give time honored classics A fresh look, and his discerning taste has provided the foundation for the growth […]

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Despite Panguitch graduating four seniors, coaches who responded to the Deseret Morning News preseason poll chose the Bobcats as the classification’s No. 1 team this season. Some of that confidence comes from the team’s ability to lose one of the state’s best players to graduation and then go onto win a state title anyway.. PRICELESS!!!!! […]

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At first Germany criticized Ireland for announcing unilaterally that it would guarantee all savings in its banks. The next thing we knew was that the chancellor was indicating, though rather less clearly than Irish finance minister Brian Lenihan, that the German government would do just the same. So few points for her, and plenty for […]

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Starks was just one of many contributors for the Knicks, whose front line dominated the Bulls. Patrick Ewing scored 25 points and grabbed 17 rebounds, Charles Smith had 17 points and Charles Oakley pulled down 14 rebounds. The Knicks out rebounded the Bulls, 48 28, with Ewing’s 17 equaling the total of Chicago’s starting front […]

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In my opinion, the only things worth spending a lot of money on are exquisite hand made objects, because of their artistry. And, of course, that’s only if you want something made with exquisite artistry. Flashy tools are pretty, but unnecessary indeed, I always worry about the delicate ones and end up rarely using them […]