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Robertson writes, for example, that “because of the centrality of reproduction to personal identity, meaning, and dignitythe liberty to procreate [is] an important moral right” (Robertson,5 p 30). Dworkin gives a similar justification.6 The influence of this approach is demonstrated by its invocation in the HFEA material. The HFEA explicitly commits itself to respecting the […]

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Il n’y a pas contribu, mais il en a manifest une face. Il s’agit d’un mouvement populaire, qui prospre essentiellement sur la dsorientation politique des classes populaires. Des segments de la classe ouvrire se sont tourns vers un islam mtin de ressentiment l’gard de l’ancien colonisateur, tandis que d’autres segments, que l’on qualifiera d’ faute […]

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And overseas, many national federations were established in the mid to late 19th century. The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) was founded in 1871 by Colonel William Church and Captain George Wingate of the New York National Guard. Revolver Association, founded in 1900, actually selected, trained, and financed Olympic pistol teams through the 1936 […]

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The impact of information technologies on manufacturing operations and performance is well established. However, scant research has been devoted to examining information technology (IT) investment among hospitals and how it influences patient care and financial performance. Using the lens of the Theory of Swift Even Flow (TSEF), we present an operations management based perspective on […]