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They were encouraged to use exercise outside of the supervised sessions to help reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal. They were advised to be active for at least 110 minutes a week, starting with 10 minute sessions (as a minimum), and aiming for 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity at least five days a week. They […]

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Starting with Oakley’s Airwaves goggles. They include a heads up display that gives users the ability to access information like GPS location, music and smartphone alerts. The Apex HD+ from Liquid Image is another great set of goggles. Each front cover of the “current issue” of The Newfoundland Herald has a valid and distinct contest […]

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But attitudes are now changing. Self employment in the UK is at its highest level since records began, with 4.6m people working for themselves. The recession boosted this figure, and women account for over half the increase, largely because it’s more family friendly. Years ago, I had one of the most beautiful mystical experiences of […]