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“I keep working hard and going through rehab,” Blatche said recently. “I changed my diet, working harder. Eating right and drinking right. Dennis, Alice M. Dickens, Willie Dolby, Jackie D. Douglas, Daiel K. Nearly became the law back then. It passed the House in 1922. But it got killed in the Senate by a filibuster. […]

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Fifth “instead of renegotiating NAFTA” Most assuredly factually Mexico has stated they look forward to talks and they are requesting 90 days to prepare, so we are looking at mid may I believe. Canada has responded favorably but has not joined in any time schedule. Those a facts. Austell Caravans and motorhomes for sale in […]

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Today elephants are facing many challenges; habitat loss and competition for resources creates conflict with humans, climate change and fires destroy much needed resources and poaching for the demand of ivory makes elephants bigger targets than ever. African elephants are especially prone to human wildlife conflict because of their large home ranges. Finding, preserving and […]

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Her many other honors include the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Endowment for the Arts Medal, three Peabody Awards and the French Lgion d’Honneur. She is also the first female film director to receivethe Kennedy Center Honors. Streisand is a devoted philanthropist who works tirelessly to fight for what she believes in. […]