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3School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaAbstractIntroduction A substantial minority of children who sustain a concussion suffer prolonged postconcussive symptoms. These symptoms can persist for more than 1month postinjury and include physical, cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes. Those affected can develop significant disability, diminishing their quality of life. This showed a 99% stenosis […]

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Hall, Michael R., Kocot, Kevin M., Baughman, Kenneth W., Fernandez Valverde, Selene L., Gauthier, Marie E. A., Hatleberg, William L. ., Krishnan, Arunkumar, McDougall, Carmel, Motti, Cherie A., Shoguchi, Eiichi, Wang, Tianfang, Xiang, Xueyan, Zhao, Min, Bose, Utpal, Shinzato, Chuya, Hisata, Kanako, Fujie, Manabu, Kanda, Miyuki, Cummins, Scott F., Satoh, Noriyuki, Degnan, Sandie M. All […]

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Yet, the late local historian, Louise Bailey, pointed out in her book, “Remembering Henderson County,” it “stands seriously threatened by the high cost of repair.” Bailey also wrote about the library that King had added to his house. Scholarship had been King’s ticket in Charleston; and the College of Charleston, his foundation. When not musing […]